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Why do you need a health coach?

Nutrition Strategies

Healthy diet for body as well as for mind.

Cooking Classes

Learn to prepare healthy nutritious meals


Nourishing from the inside out

Family Wellness

Focus on your family health

Health coaching focuses not only on the food you eat, but also your lifestyle & attitude.
I’m here to help you to maximize the results of each to achieve a more balanced life.

Cooking classes focus on healthy, nutritious, family friendly recipes. We use fresh, seasonal ingredients and show you or your Domestic how to maximize the natural flavour of ingredients to create delicious meals.

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Hormone Balancing Food for Women

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LOVE YOURSELF SKINNY this February with Health Yourself

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LOVE YOURSELF SKINNY this February with Health Yourself

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Success Stories

I feel fabulous having completed the cleanse and super excited to lose some stubborn weight. 4 kilograms so far! In addition, it’s been great to learn new food ideas having tried things I would not have thought of before.

Health & wellness is my passion in life and to be able to learn so much and have this level of detail was absolutely fantastic! Plus the support in the form of the recipes, WhatsApp group and daily emails was really amazing. I have kicked my caffeine habit and sugar after the cleanse.  My blood sugar and hormones are now stable.  My sleep has improved and I don’t snack at night before bed.  I have no bloating. In short, I have recommend your cleanse to everyone and will continue to do so. I absolutely loved it and I will do it often going forward.

I absolutely loved the 21-day cleanse. For me, it was a completely holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle – not only for my body and mind, but also for my soul. I enjoyed every minute of it and felt completely renewed and energized after completing it. I highly recommend this programme to anyone who wishes to nourish his / her body. There are so few opportunities for us to truly be gentle upon ourselves and this is an absolute must for anyone who is in need of this. Thank you Christine for introducing me to this wonderful approach to a happy, holistic, healthy living.

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