What is free-style eating?

This is my own concept I’ve created as a Health Coach professional, its about being free to choose.  We are all trying to put ourselves into a box of some form.  

For example, I am a vegetarian, vegan, banter, I follow keto, pescetarian, etc.  

Why do we have this need to put ourselves into a box or category?

Our bodies are all different.  We are different sizes, shapes, have different health issues, have different blood groups, have our own unique gene pool and certainly have different likes and dislikes to food, tastes and textures.

Free-style eating/cooking is your unique eating plan, designed by YOU.  No pressure, no judgement, just the foods that works for YOU and YOUR body.    New clients will always say, how much weight will I loose in a week.  Well I can’t lie and say you will loose 2 – 3 kg in a week, I always say I need to see firstly how your body is going to respond to my eating plan.  If it doesn’t respond well, then we need to find another plan for you.  All my clients are so different with all their own health requirements.  

Free-style eating is a concept I want to teach you about so you learn to listen to your own body – but seriously listen to it.  You actually all know what works for you already but sometimes just not putting it into action.  

You know how your body responds to sugar, gluten, dairy or even broccoli.  So I want to teach you how to trust your gut and intuition and follow a plan for you.  I will help you find your personal plan and give you recipes to help you along the way.  Believe in yourself, trust yourself.  I will be doing private consultations on this too.

Free-style youth movement.

I find the youth are certainly more exposed to healthier choices and many want to be healthy, many turning vegetarian or even vegan.  This is great, however I do feel they need to learn about free-style eating and not put themselves into these categories either.  I am starting a youth movement to educate teens / young adults about making sure they are nourishing their bodies correctly.  I think its so important to teach them to listen to their bodies and trust their own instincts about food (not just do what their parents want them to do.   Honestly, its a gift if you can love and honour your body as a young person showing it respect and boundaries.

I will be staring a few challenges for teens over the next few months. Healthy challenges. I will run them on instagram (as I know they all on instagram) I will add some prizes in to make it more beneficial for them too.  This will not be about dieting, however if they are overweight they will loose weight, others will maintain their healthy weight.  Encourage them to sign up and follow my instagram feed healthyourselfsa.

I will also be looking for a few youthful ambassadors for Health Yourself that have keen interest in healthy food and cooking.  This will be a good opportunity for them to get a healthy following and be apart of a great healthy movement.

Free-style cooking :  This is a class I will be teaching that is all about cooking and not following recipes.  YIP – very much how I cook on a daily basis, my cooking style 🙂   I will give you a guide but its a fun way of cooking which I am so excited about.

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