DNA analysis with JOINCIRCLES

Personalised Scientific Wellness

What does your DNA say about you and your health? What can and can’t your body breakdown? What should you and shouldn’t you be eating according to your DNA make up? These are all questions not many of us know the answer to.

JOINCIRCLES is an online, future-based, personalised wellness shop that helps you to join better choices around you DNA every day so you can move towards optimal wellness. JOINCIRCLES give you access to a range of advanced DNA and real-time biomarker tests that you can do easily at home, along with guidance, knowledge, a curated range of products that can help nourish, protect and nurture your DNA, and a network of forward-thinking doctors.

I am thrilled to have joined the Practitioners circle with JOINCIRCLES.

JoinCircles provide an amazing opportunity for you to have your DNA analysed to help you answer these vitally important questions. You will then be able to make an informed decision as to how you live your life.

The JOINCIRCLES shop then offers you an array of helpful, non toxic products and services to make the changes you should be making according to your results.


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