Christine Phillips

Christine Phillips

I’m a certified Dr. Sears Health Coach and a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I believe in a holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing, incorporating lifestyle, attitude, nutrition and exercise. I believe in bio-individuality whereby “one person’s food is another person’s poison”. We are all different and should be treated that way. I like to guide my clients on their own individual journey to health & wellness.

Happy new year to you all and I hope 2018 is your healthiest year ever. I love the start to the new year, put the past behind you, look forward to the beautiful future and be the best version of you.

So my New Years resolution this year is to reduce FAKE…  Yip, fake food, fake friends, fake Facebook, fake stuff (it’s going to take me some time to stop the fake eyelashes though as I am addicted).  For me it’s about being real, genuine and honest. I do not claim to be the healthiest health coach around.  I too go up and down.  I am a real women in my 40’s with 3 demanding children, a career and a life.  I understand all the obstacles of trying to find a balance between them all.  I try live my life on a 80/20% system  (maybe a few more % on the wine side 🙂 I believe in socialising with friends, good laughs and family time. I truly believe what you put into your body is important for your health and well being.  I believe in bad days, but once done, let it go, get up and make it right the following day.   Love yourself enough to nourish your body with good, clean food.  Give thought to everything you consume from food to your environment. Ask the question… What benefit has this to my body? Drink lots of water and go to bed early.   That’s me in a nutshell.  I wanted to share that as I don’t want anyone under a false illusion of who I am.  I am not the skinny young girl in the bikini working out all day and posting pics on how gorgeous I look.  I am my own healthy.  I suck at social media and get new clients through word of mouth on results achieved.  So please do spread the word 🙂

So If health is your goal this year and you need some guidance along the way – I am here to support you on your health journey and give you the push you need.  My healthy eating programs work and that’s a fact.  If you are committed and want to make changes, they are for you.  It’s about clean eating, cooking and self love, no deprivation.   I also have healthy cooking classes, cleanses, pre-made health foods & individual coaching available.   I have some great new programs which I will launch this year as well as some short quick group challenges which are always fun to do with a group of friends.  There is nothing more powerful than the support of women in something together.

My clients are diverse,
but one thing unites them all: an active position in life.


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